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Pretty Princess Gunged!

Pippa, our latest recruit to Team Angel, is keen to extract more revenge on our ‘pretty Princess’ with a sneaky pie to Charley’s bum, filling her bra with trifle and drenching her repeatedly with goo.

Can our ‘snooty Princess’ cope with the indignity of it all? :)

Miss T
24th July

Cold Custard and Panties

Jasmine poses for the Splosh School newsletter and then starts lesson 2 which is knicker filling with cold custard, rice pudding and gunge being poured into Jasmine’s cute panties.

All is well until someone has a ‘bright idea’ leading to our first ‘student’ revolt at the Splosh School!

Miss T
17th July

Maid Service

Honey B serving the room at the WAM Motel

Every WAM Motel runs an excellent maid service given the amount of extra work involved.  The only problem for the maids is resisting temptation when preparing the room for the next messy loving guests…and not all maids can resist the urge to have a sexy splosh :)

Miss T
5th July

Charley Pie

Charley is one smoking hot babe and someone who demands only the very best.  So when Charley learns that she is about to be pied by our new trainee Pippa, she is quick to make her feelings known. In Charley’s opinion she should only be pied by a professional not some amateur.

But Pippa is unfazed by the criticism and gets on with the first part of her training session by delivering a few well placed pies to a snooty Charley! :)

Miss T
24th June

The Wrong Room

Its happened to all of us.  You’ve just finished showering after a hot messy session when someone barges in and an argument breaks out which ends with someone getting pushed onto a bed full of custard.

Well its what happens at the WAM Motel with Jess West less than impressed and Pippa finding herself in the wrong room :)

Miss T
15th June


Cakes and Jasmine

She’s bright, bubbly and busty! Meet Jasmine who is the latest pupil to enrol in our mobile splosh school, so tune in and see her blossom as she discovers the joys of squishing a pavlova with her ass!

Miss T
1st June

The Pressure Interview

Do you cope well under pressure?  Dynamo is confident she can cope even when by ‘pressure’ we mean cold custard and yoghurt, beans and spaghetti, raw eggs and a barrage of ketchup!

Lets see how well she does :)

Miss T
30th May

Sploshing Booth

I invited Honey to try out my sploshing booth to see if we can achieve a nice ‘mahogany’ tan to compliment her new blonde look.  First I applied a cream base undercoat before covering Honey in sticky black treacle for that tanned finish.  A part on TOWIE now awaits :)

Miss T
15th May

Return of the Splosh Doctor

Dr Frankie is in the house ready and willing to help young ladies embrace their desire for all things messy. In this session Frankie introduces Ayla to the world of ‘hard core gunging’ and makes a promise. “You will orgasm like you have never orgasmed before”.

Can Dr Frankie’s radical treatment deliver on her promise? I think it can :)

Miss T
2nd May

Sploshing Assignment Pt II

We have Part II of Rachel’s Sploshing Assignment in which our eager newcomer decides to indulge in some extra curricular fun with trifles, custard, cheesecakes and green slime.

Who said school homework can’t be fun! :)

Miss T
27th April

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23rd July : HD Video Update - Pretty Princess

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